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Webcam & Weather Station

Main runway camera (EVERY 10 MiNS)

Windsock Webcam (EVERY 10 MiNS)

The webcams are mounted on the side of the clubhouse pointing north towards Bishop Hill and west towards Loch Leven.

Weather Station

Our new weather station is an Aercus Instruments™ WS2083 Pro Wireless Weather Station, which replaces the La Crosse WS-2350 Professional Weather Station which was blown away by Storm Ali (20th September 2018).  It’s mounted on the roof of the clubhouse, and we are using a Raspberry Pi plus WeeWx software to produce images for the website.  If you click any of the graphs you will get taken to a bigger version.

At present this section of the page is a work in progress.


Wind Direction

Wind Speed

Gust Speed

Synoptic for Midnight Last Night

Sat24 (click to enlarge)

Next forecast Synoptic

Metcheck (click for full forecast)

Runway Webcam Archive

Windsock Webcam Archive