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Powered Aircraft Policy - Effective 01/01/2011
This document aims to clarify the general guidelines under which powered aircraft are permitted to operate from Portmoak. The underlying concept is that the opportunity to operate powered aircraft from Portmoak should be considered as a privilege and is only available to established members who have demonstrated a long term commitment to gliding operations. The number of powered aircraft permitted to operate from Portmoak is restricted.

Please note this background:
  • SGU is primarily a gliding club, not a power club, and is dependent on good relations with its neighbours and the local community.
These are the guidelines to join an existing Powered Aircraft Syndicate:
  • Established, active gliding members who have a bronze gliding badge may, with the recommendation of the CFI and the approval of the Board, be permitted to operate light powered aircraft at Portmoak.
  • As with a glider, any new syndicate member must obtain the authority of the CFI prior to commencing powered operations from Portmoak.
An application to site a new Powered Aircraft at Portmoak will be subject to,
  • CFI approval.
  • Board permission. In assessing suitability the board will consider,
    • Consideration of the overall number of powered aircraft on site.
    • The availability of suitable hangar space.
    • The potential for local disturbance.
    • The syndicate's current involvement in gliding.
All legal obligations of the ANO relating to training, operations etc. must be complied with.

Should any aircraft be operated inconsiderately or in such a manner that it is likely to cause complaints from the local community or visitors to the area, the CFI and Board reserve the right to withdraw the pilot's permission to operate from Portmoak.

In the case of powered aircraft, activities likely to cause withdrawal of this privilege include:
  • Unnecessary over flying of local villages under power.
  • Continuous circuit flying.
  • Noisy or poorly maintained exhaust systems.
  • Failure to follow published SGU operating procedures.
Powered syndicate members should note the currency requirements available in the download section of the website.
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